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Bok - Black on White


What are the triggering factors of electro-hypersensitivity ?  What are the symptoms ? What provokes them ? What is the role of chemicals ?

Black on  White is based on documents to the Council for Work Life Research in Sweden in March 2000 from more than 400 electro-hypersensitive people and from their relatives, doctors or engineers performing field reduction.

Here people explain what started their electro-hypersensitivity.  They state the varity of factors giving symptoms. In 2000, symptoms were primary caused by computers but to a large extent also by all electrical installations, fluorecent  ligths and low-energy lamps,  cellular phones and base stations, radio, TV,  cars, trains, airplans, copiers and dental work as removal of amalgam.

Among the symptoms skin problems top  list, followed  by sensitivity to ligth, eye problems, problems with the heart and blood pressure, headaches, migrains, pain in joints and muscles, dizziness,concentration difficulties, nausea, memory disordes, endocrine reactions and many more.

Other parts of the book are concerned with the role of chemicals, on the benefit of EM-field reduction, on the "electro-refugess", on the way health  care institutions and political authorities deal with the problems, if indeed they do.

The percentage of letterwriters with higher education was large - some of them were postgraduates and many were engineers - and they all had the ambition to describe their handicap in as much detail as possible for the benefit of future research.

Thus the book comprises a unique collection of knowledge which will hardly by found elsewhere and will not be repeated anytime soon.


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