About us

RTK is a Swedish company that provides radiation-reducing products and services. We help companies and individuals to deal with disruptive electromagnetic fields and EMC interference by providing radiation-reducing products. We also help with measurement, advice and measures of electromagnetic fields.

RTK was started by Lars Röstlund in 1993 as a technical consultant in troubleshooting. In his luggage, Lars has a six-year solid technical education in data and electricity, five years of experience from technical work in a research environment and general electrical certification ABL.

RTK's business concept is to work for a better electrical environment by maintaining high quality products and services. We offer, among other things, WiFi protection bag for routers, shielded and twisted cables that create extra low electric and magnetic fields, shielding luminaires and more. To limit the radiation from their own mobile phone, RTK sells internet adapters and low-radiating hands-free with air tubing that provides a full 98 percent reduction. For those who place higher demands on low microwave exposure, we sell emf shielding bed canopies, fabric, clothes, paint, wallpaper, and window foil. The range also includes many different measuring instruments.

RTK Röstlunds Teknik för Kontor AB, VAT no SE556620190001

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