Limits for ElectroMagnetic Fields, EMF

A: EU references set by ICNIRP -
B: World standard for computer screens, TCO Development -
C: Industri independent scientists Bioinitiative - 

Tabel with emf limits

V/m volts per meter is used for E-Field and EMF-Field
A/m ampere per meter or µT micro tesla (EU) or mG milli gauss (US) is used for M-Field
µW/m2 micro watts per squere meter or V/m is used for EMF-Field

Frequency (Hz) is the number of changes from plus to minus per second or the number of changes from north to south pole per second. EMF spreads with the speed of light, after a few wavelength then a electric field becomes electromagnetic and the same thing happens for a magnetic field. For mobile frequencies this means a few dm. For 50Hz one wavelength its 6000km, this means that 50Hz fields are either electric or magnetic or both, but not a homogeneously electromagnetic field.

For magnetic field it differs between A and C, from 200 to 0,1µT = 2000 times
200µT is found in the worst place in the main switching room. (0,2µT=1A/m=2mG)

For microwaves it differs between A and C, from 61 to 0,033V/m = 1800 times
But if you count in W/m2 the different is 3 million times (V/m*A/m=W/m2).

Its also good to use the TCO limits B above, for lights and other installations.